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Educational Junk Percussion Workshops


WOS educational workshops offer an inspirational, exciting and hands on learning experience for anyone of any age and any ability.

Workshops are also a unique opportunity for children of all ages to join in with Britain’s junkiest, funkiest band!!!!


What happens in a WOS workshop?

Two of our workshop facilitators bring along our unique collection of junk instruments including shopping trolleys, plastic barrels, long gas pipes, dustbins, etc. and each child will be given their own safe, clean piece of junk and plastic sticks to play on - everybody has a bash ! While each of our workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each establishment they all encourage the same skills.

How long does a WOS workshop last?

We are very flexible, however a general guideline is that longer is not necessarily better – drumming is hard work for everybody and obviously the younger the class, the less time is recommended

 Do WOS provide long term projects?

WOS also specialise in more long term workshops where one group of children is given a series of development sessions to fully focus on composition techniques leading to more complicated performances. Young people have often been so inspired by these sessions that they have carried on and have started their own junk bands just for fun !


What are the principle aims of a WOS workshop?


WOS workshops allow a great opportunity for individuals to show off their creativity through drumming. By making up their own rhythms, chants and sequences, all children can not only join in but are integral to the process.


WOS workshops are designed to encourage every child to really make the best of themselves. We start with the simplest of rhythms to get each child enthused. Everyone feels better and excited simply by having the opportunity to make lots of loud noise.


All around the world for thousands and thousands of years drumming in a group has brought people together and made them feel more of a unit – this is exactly what we do! There’s nothing like playing loud, rhythmical music together to encourage a feeling of inter-reliance, whatever peoples’ ages. It just gets the heart pumping and you feel great!


All of the above – creativity, self esteem and teamwork – are really brought together and heightened at performance time. It is incredible how just performing in front of their own classmates or friends really focuses the minds of all children. Self reliance and team reliance come together to give a genuine feeling of achievement.


  1. In WOS workshops we explore and adapt rhythms from around the world. Children see and hear how sounds are made and learn how by making something longer or shorter, the sound is altered or how by playing drums differently their sound is changed completely.   


And of course, everyone can immediately see and hear the impact of recycling leading to a better understanding of green issues. Click on our ENVIRONMENT page for more details.

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