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Every Child Matters Targets

Workshops/projects can cover the following:

Being Healthy – Enjoying both physical activity and mental health promoting a healthy lifestyle, working together in warm ups and performance skills in groups to promote emotional health, developing self-esteem and encouraging inclusion etc.

Staying Safe – Health & Safety, playing and using already recycled instruments, developing and making new instruments out of recycled items.  Personal safety etc.

Enjoying & Achieving – Developing personal and social skills in both the individual and within the group of participants through working together.  Developing creativity, and expression through fun.  Performances as a group to peers, teachers, families developing confidence through music and world rhythms etc.

Making A Positive Contribution – Promotion and awareness of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ message and environmental issues. Responsibilities as a citizen to communities and the wider world.  All participants, different abilities are encouraged to become involved in decision-making. Becoming engaged as individual’s or/and as a group in supporting environmental issues etc.

Achieving Economic Well-Being – Developing ideas, sustainable communities, different individual arts interests, identifying possible training opportunities for participants to reach their potential and to learn new personal and social skills needed for employment etc.

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