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Nicky Blackwell (aka Queen of the Bases)

PERFORMER- Queen of the Basses

1. What’s your full name including middle names? 
Nicola louise Blackwell
2. Have you ever had a nickname and why?
Itchfest - bad sunburn experience resulting in mass peelege!!
Captain Bass - I lord the Basses 

3. Favorite colour?


4. How long have you been in WoS?
5. Do you have any irrational phobias?
No, only spiders-  and that is quite rational 
6. What was the last chocolate bar you bought?
Caramel chunky Kit Kat- but I was given some Thorntons chocs the other day!!! yum yum! 
7.  If you could bring something back from the past, what would it be?
 The Stone Roses
8.  What sport do you watch and who do you support?
Football - Manchester United and Wigan and i have been known to attend Plymouth Argyle games  
9. What’s your most embarrassing WoS moment?
hmmn too many to mention- though I have yet to fall off of stage
10. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
11. Do you have any pets? What are their names?
 Not at present - but I am Guardian to a rat called Valerie
12. What’s your favourite meal?
 hmmn I love food!!! I mostly love Italian and Carribbean style
Fav desert is Tirimasu
13. Who’s your favourite band/ artist of all time? Feel free to add the album or track title too.

Stone Roses
Ian Brown is my inspiration 
14. Do you have any weird food combinations to tell us about?
nope- its the way I gannet food down that needs to be watched (or not is actually the case)  
15. If you could have a super-hero power, what would you have? You can only have 1.
 The Power to end homelessness - failing that super strength to beat people with!!! or invisibility!
16. Your favourite word?



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